14 Feb

Moving into USC? Here’s All You Ever Need Certainly To Know

It’s that time of the 12 months again. January is not just the full time when we make our final scholarship strategies for the upcoming class that is first-year. It means February 1st is right around the corner, and this means the due date for our transfer applicants is soon! The requirements this year are not any distinctive from past years, with one major exception:

Due to changes in The most popular App this year, it will avoid you against submitting and completing the application without the report that is registrar. To assign a ‘Registrar,’ enter the information regarding the designated Registrar at your college. The Registrar will be asked to finish the Transfer Registrar’s Report. In the event your registrar has another process to request a transcript that is official you should follow that procedure. It really is your obligation to ensure a official transcript of all college work is submitted to USC.

Besides that, everything we need from you could be the same. Please thoroughly read the Transferring to USC Brochure. Require a list that will help you organize your necessary requirements? Sure thing; you can find our transfer list here. Need more last minute tips? Year click here and read my blog from last.

Those three resources should finally provide you with answers to most questions you should have about transferring into USC.

Finally, my colleagues and I also have come up with a list regarding the many typical questions we’ve gotten from transfer applicants and our responses in their mind. If after reading every one of the resources provided for you in this blog, you still feel confused, please feel free to contact your territory manager here.

FAQ’s for USC Transfer Applicants

Q: My educational record from a several years back was not very good. But I’ve been classes that are taking and I’ve brought up my GPA. Can I be accepted?
A: We consider trends in your grades and college attendance patterns. Consistent level progress and strong performance that is recent the last 30 units you have taken) are important.

Q: Do you need most of my transcripts? Even we will need all of your academic transcripts if I went to school 10 years ago?
A: Yes. Submit most of them. Failure to report a complete education history is a severe breach of academic integrity. Can you tell we’re serious?

Q: What about high school transcripts?
A: Yes, an official school that is high with date of graduation is a requirement for the transfer application. If you did not graduate from high school, please submit a record of your senior high casinopokies777.com school work and your GED certificate if applicable.

Q: What’s the number that is minimum of units to transfer?
A: There is no number that is minimum of units you must complete before using for admission. However, if you will complete fewer than 30 semester units by the end of the springtime term, we will focus also on your senior high school record and results from the SAT or ACT.

Q: So you will need test scores?
A: we’ll need certainly to see your test ratings in the event that you will finish less than 30 semester units by the finish of the spring term.

Q: What about English proficiency tests?
All international students whose language that is first not English are required to submit results from an English language proficiency exam (TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE Academic). You will find more information at www.usc.edu/internationalstudents.

Q: we have only taken one semester of English. Does that suggest USC will straight away reject me personally if I don’t take another semester of English?
A: We expect that pupils at community colleges has completed two semesters of English structure before enrolling at USC. At least, you might have the semester that is second of composition in progress at the time you apply. SIGNIFICANT NOTE: We are more flexible with our writing requirement for transfer applicants originating from four year institutions. We understand that each and every four year university has its own education that is general and not all institutions have actually courses comparable to our writing requirement. The two semester writing requirement can be waived for admission purposes but it shall have to be completed in order to earn a qualification at USC.

Q: Will USC accept students who have not completed all associated with general education demands? I am nevertheless courses that are missing categories I and V. I plan to take them during springtime and summer, but i will be not sure if I will likely be able to enroll in one of them.
A: You do not need to complete all basic education needs to be considered for admission. Our strongest candidates, nevertheless, has completed or be currently enrolled (spring) generally in most if you don’t all the GE and courses that are major-related.

Q: How important is the language that is foreign for admission decisions? Are you able to take this program at USC instead?
A: Foreign Language is not a requirement to transfer. This is a requirement to graduate for particular majors at USC.

Q: One of my recommenders is having difficulty submitting on popular App. For some reason it will not let her submit the letter of rec. Is it okay if i’ve him/her mail into the letter?
A: Sure, letters can be mailed to the physical target:
USC Office of Admission
University Park Campus
Los Angeles, CA

Q: just How much can you give consideration to activities that are extracurricular awesome internships?
A: These are typically looked at. However, we rely greatly in your scholastic work. Bottom line: We weigh your academic work the absolute most within the transfer application process.

Q: just what exactly else could I do to set myself apart?
A: Cure cancer. Find a real method to be in two places at once. Prove that Elvis is still alive. Just
The absolute, most useful way to be competitive as a transfer applicant is to submit an educational history that shows consistent level progress and strong grades in the full time curriculum. Your scholastic work is considered the most preparation that is important the coursework you’ll be asked doing at USC.