Microsoft Office 365 mailbox management.

In order to check your mailbox please follow below steps.

  1. Open browser and punch in a URL
  2. Enter Username & Password as shown in the picture below.
3. Select Time GMT+5 Islamabad Karachi and then click next.
4. Now use office 365 tenant.
5. Click outlook to check your emails (as shown in the below picture).



Uninstalling Pervious Microsoft Office


Objective: Client must Uninstall any other office application & All Office 365 version except Pro

Plus With help of this tool remove all previous version of Microsoft Office

  1. Double click office uninstallation tool.
  2. Click next.

Note: if office 2013 Or office 365 is already uninstall so don’t show the apply

3. Click Apply this fix.



Deploying Office365 Professional plus Offline mode


Office 365 pro plus is just like any other office version and it contains all the basic feature that you will find in other office is not a web based version and work locally on your computer. Its mean you don’t need to be connected to the internet for using its feature.

New Feature

  • Contain all the basic feature that you will find in any other office version.
  • Quick in installation.
  • Automatic license renewal (once in a month) upon internet availability.
  • One license can be used in 5 different gadgets.
  • No internet connectivity is required.
  • Can store the office pro plus files locally Or on Cloud.
  • Operating system : window 7,8,8.1
  • Memory : 1 GB
  • CPU : 1GHz Processor
  • Hard Disk : 3 GB

System Requirement of office 365 Pro Plus

How to Install

  1. Click the start menu and open the RUN program
  2. Enter the share drive path
  3. Copy the o365 folder to C drive
  4. Right click the configuration.xml and click edit (as shown in the following figure).
5.Change the file path in notepad.
6.Right click the 0365 install.bat and click edit
7.Copy the command to .bat file.
8.Open the Command Prompt.
9. Type cd /

10. Type cd o365 as shown below (but o365 folder must be on system drive in this case).11. Paste the copied command or type Setup.exe /Configure configuration.xml (as shown in the following figure).
12.And an installation process starts automatically. In order to check the progress of the installation open task manager and check disk performance on task manager.
13. Finally an activation screen comes up and you need to enter your complete email address & Password. Example =



How to Install OneDrive for Business


Run Administrator Setup of OneDrive for Business

  1. Login to
  2. Click On OneDrive to get  Library link
3.Copy  to get  OneDrive Library link
4. On Localhost press Window + Q Then type OneDrive for Business
5. Then paste Copied link In OneDrive Sync Prompt


6.Press Sync Now
7.Wait for some time to sync for OneDrive for Business
8. Then Prompt Show files
9. OneDrive for Business Will Show as below



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